11 Lightroom Dng Mobile Presets Free Download

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Get your perfect new image style with our free Mobile Lightroom Presets. It creates for iPhone and Android Lightroom CC.

For this bundle, you have to do human verify by complete 1 offer on this section you will bring to redirect link and just click save.

What are DNG files lightroom?

DNG is Adobe Lightroom format that usually used on Lightroom Mobile or PC, you can copy the setting files and paste on your image that you want edit. It automatically change your image like the setting on DNG file.

So, you don’t need to create setting or edit for each of image that you want the same colors look. For example, do you love teal and orange theme and you want to apply on all of your image.

By just the click the copy setting both on Lightroom mobile or desktop and paste on your image, it will make your image look teal and orange. But, remember you also need to play on exposure after paste the setting because each image has a different light condition when you take a picture.

How to download DNG Lightroom?

It is so easy, by just click the download button you can get the file and save on your device. If you download from mobile, make sure to extract before applying the file because of it zip format before you save on new folder/album on your Lightroom mobile cc.

In some of our file we are locking the presets file and you must do human verification.

Why use DNG in Lightroom?

Because DNG is lighter than RAW format, so you can save many themes on your mobile without have to worry with your memory used.