16 free portrait lightroom presets [Best 2019]

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Note: you have to do human verify by complete 1 offer to get these presets!

Our free portrait Lightroom presets give you intermediate portrait retouching and increase your photo more lively look.

Portraits are created for the basic purpose of displaying the personality and the mood of the person or model. And to engage the viewer to the subject, a portrait often has the person looking directly at the photographer or the painter.

At the onset of portrait presets, it is necessary to identify the elements in the portrait that you wish to retain and the elements that you need to get rid of. This will get you at the right path and fulfill your responsibility as a retoucher: to bring out the best in each portrait.

Our presets is not only make special theme for you image but we also work to the most important such as the color of the eyes and the skin complexion. Playing with the light element is important here.

Emphasize the individuality of the person or the subject. Not all portraits need a flawless skin or saucer-wide eyes.

As an art form, portrait presets should not be done in any haste. Because it working with a person’s face and identity, be sure to give your full concentration when you apply a specific presets.